ISV Package Architecture Review and Design ▼

Building Independent Software Vendor (ISV) packages can be very complex, quickly. In both full architectures and hybrid cloud solutions, having the right architecture for the entire range of installed environments is critical to AppExchange product success.In many cases, your product will need to integrate with Salesforce, and other platforms & applications. You will likely need to build a custom user experience and many automations in your application to differentiate it from your competitors. Building these into a packaged product is a radically different paradigm than building these in a single org. You have to think about architectures that will layer into an existing environment effectively, not cause problems for any org where the product is installed, and perform well at scale. Your solution needs to be plug and play in every sense – a solid design is critical to ensure you succeed in launching your Salesforce product.

It is not uncommon for your Salesforce product to suffer in terms of user experience, performance, and costly support. That’s where theCodery can help. We can analyze your product to see what’s working, what’s not, and then fix the issues to get you to a better product. We can show you where to use native platform capabilities and where it makes sense to consider alternatives. Partner with theCodery to amplify your capabilities and growth opportunities on the platform. We’re here to help.

theCodery specializes in all types of package and off platform architectures, reach out to us to help you solve your architecture problems!

Front Page PDO Text / Salesforce AppExchange Development (ISV Services) ▼

Good technology is reliable, fast, and easy to use. Great technology does all of that, plus it anticipates what you need before you do. The right app can make that happen, but does your business have the time and technical acumen to develop it?The Salesforce AppExchange is a fantastic revenue opportunity to bring your product to the very large world of people using Salesforce. Many companies have successfully tapped into a major revenue stream providing a complementary product to Salesforce through this channel on the platform. Millions of Salesforce customers browse the AppExchange to find a plug and play solutions for their business on Salesforce. Take advantage of this market opportunity as a channel to drive large recurring revenue opportunities for your product and business.

However, setting your company up to be an Independent Software Vendor (ISV) and building a Salesforce product require intimate knowledge on how to engage with Salesforce’s ISV team and within the technology stack, respectively. Lucky for you, theCodery has built and successfully launched many security reviewed products on the platform for many ISVs, so you don’t have to figure all this out on your own.

theCodery has the experience and Certified Expert Credentials from Salesforce you need, especially when it comes to launching your product on the Salesforce AppExchange. From the seed of a concept to a fully tested, Salesforce approved application, we know through and through how to bring this to life for your company.

The AppExchange hosts a large number of products and services. We can help you in navigating this ecosystem to see a market fit for your product, craft a roadmap for its build, design and build the product, test it, and then work with your teams to launch it into the market. We guide through all phases of Product Development: ideation, architecture, app development, security review, collecting customer feedback, and developing a roadmap for today’s success and into the future with your ISV application. We can help you to craft a solution built on the best tools and practices of the platform, fully secure, with powerful user experience, and ready to go for your users on day 1. We build your solutions to ensure smooth, easy, and low-cost development and maintenance for long after we’re gone.

With more than 50 years of collective experience among our partners, our team can handle developing apps on the platform, ensure your apps pass the rigorous security review requirement to publish on the AppExchange, guide you through the ISV certification process, and get your app on AppExchange fast. If you’re ready to begin, we’re ready to help. To schedule a consultation, contact us online or by phone today.

Product Management & Agile Transformation ▼

ISVs that want to develop and deliver the right app for the right time and market have a strong need for modern, expert, product management expertise. Trying to figure out what your customer’s want, like and don’t like, with a constrained budget and time mandates that you have solid product management processes and tools in place.theCodery has delivered over 40 applications to public use on the AppExchange, so we know a thing or two not just about how to build that perfect product but also how to setup your company for success to manage everything around building the product. From your ideas, to the product backlog, to sound processes for roadmapping, prioritizing, and setting your vision in action, to building, testing, training, and marketing your launch – we know it all.

The very best products are those that start simple, lean, and then integrate customer feedback into a continuous delivery set up to keep you innovating and serving your customers better every step of the way. Pulling this off across product owners & managers, sponsors, customers, developers, testers, and marketers can be a difficult challenge. There are many ways to set up your agile product development organization, processes, and tools to enable your success. We’ve seen them all – we know which ones work, which don’t, and everything in between to tailor the right product management and agile transformation for your company.

Struggling to get your product development and agile development teams up and running well? Contact us today to see how we can help with agile product delivery, customer feedback collection, target market evaluation, and your go-to-market strategies!

Application Development ▼

Have an idea for a product to launch on’s AppExchange? theCodery has built and launched over 40 different ISV applications and is ready to implement your idea and investment for your ISV business. ISV’s leveraging theCodery for AppExchange product development see dramatic returns in speed to market and quality of architecture and development. Make revenue flow fast and start re-couping your package investment by leveraging theCodery’s expertise!

AppExchange Security Review and Submission Process ▼

Security review is a necessary evil, base requirement, and massively important step to bringing an application live on Salesforce’s AppExchange. As you can imagine, Salesforce wants to see only the most secure, best functioning applications. For the uninitiated, navigating through this process is confusing, time-consuming, and potentially costly if not approached correctly.theCodery has brought over 40 applications to market and knows the pitfalls to get your product through Security Review as quickly as possible and launched in record time. Before we write that first line of code, before we configure any of your package metadata, we know exactly what Salesforce is looking for in the security review process, so we design and build accordingly, testing frequently with security scans, so that there are no surprises at the end. Your application is built, ready to pass security review from the very beginning of our engagement.

Partner with theCodery to capitalize on our expertise and get that SaaS revenue flowing for your ISV business as quickly as possible!