Did you know that customers now make more than half of their purchases online? As we integrate technology into our daily lives, it’s more and more important for businesses to have an online presence. For businesses that have been around a long time, this move toward the digital age may be uncomfortable or overwhelming. But theCodery is here to help! 

We help you with Salesforce implementation and development. We believe that Salseforce is your best choice for customer relationship management (CRM) softwared. It not only is the value, but we can show you how it helps you better connect with customers, partners, and potential customers all in one place. There’s a reason why Spotify, Toyota, and The New York Post all use Salseforce! 

In today’s blog we’ll be discussing why your business needs to invest in a CRM software, like Salseforce. If you’d like to learn more about your options or how theCodery can help you with Salesforce implementation and development, contact us today!

Organize and Analyze Your Data

CRM software centralizes all the data pertaining to your current and future customers, and can work for businesses of any size or budget. Salesforce will keep customer information in individual files, which can be updated as you learn more about your leads and customers. For example, if a customer changes their email or phone number, you can easily update it and share with everyone who has access to your CRM. 

Salesforce software also protects sensitive customer information. Paper files or other, analog ways of storing data are much less secure. CRM software can also store data on the cloud, so it can be accessed anywhere in the world in real-time. Your data will also be backed up regularly, so you don’t have to worry about computer crashes!

You can also pull real-time sales statistics from your CRM to help you analyze trends and make smart business decisions. Salesforce can help you understand when the best time to send promotional emails is. It can also help you better understand your customer’s online behavior, their conversion rates, and demographics. The more information you have the better you’re able to attract and keep customers!

Improve Customer Service

As a business owner, you know that high-quality customer service is the lifeblood of your business. If customers aren’t happy, they aren’t going to return or recommend you to others!

A CRM solution helps your sales team remember things about their clients and their preferences. You can best the most persuasive and charismatic salesperson in the world, but if you can’t remember anything about your client you’re not going to make a sale! 

Salesforce consolidates information on your clients so that when you follow up you can automatically retrieve contact history, previous purchases, and customer preferences. It’s an invaluable tool for your business, which is why we at theCodery love helping you discover the power of a high-quality CRM and help you with Salesforce implementation.

theCodery Salesforce Implementation Services

If you choose to outsource your Salesforce implementation and development, you need to make sure you’re partnered with the right organization. No matter the size of your customer base or the age of your company, theCodery can help. Put our partners’ more than 50 combined years of experience to work for you! Contact us today.