“The right CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system should be three things — intuitive, dependable, and fast. Whether you’re interacting with customers, communicating with an employee, or keeping tabs on sales leads, each and every process should feel like it only takes a picosecond to do what you need it to do.

Getting to that point can take time, and the smart move is to partner with theCodery. We’re comprised of a team of Salesforce expert specialists with more than 50 years of experience. That means we have the skill sets you’re looking for to deliver the best suited, most cost-effective, and quickest Salesforce implementation to your business, no matter the size. Since we’ve overcome many common and unusual implementation challenges, we’ve assimilated our experiences into a proactive approach crafted on the best practices around business analysis, architecture principles, agile development, testing, and business readiness. All the while, you can focus on growing and moving your business forward. Leave the complexity to the pros here at theCodery.


As experts tried and true, we start first on your business expertise, learning how your company operates, so we can customize Salesforce according to your company’s processes. Our solutions work well because of the embrace the best of the platform and align directly to how you run your business. With a sound understanding of your business, we then craft scalable, easy to maintain, and powerful architectures for your build to ensure it lasts long after we’re gone.

In build, we sprint to product increments to get you a working, powerful, and usable application within days of engaging theCodery. Testing for us is not just finding defects, it’s ensuring your acceptance, tuning performance, and improve the fine details to get you a high performing solution quickly. We also work closely with your end users and critical stakeholders to map out your business readiness to use Salesforce and make the change smoothly from the minute we start our engagement with you.

theCodery is thoroughly familiar with the full implementation life cycle. We’ll create solutions that fit the needs of your business and explain system designs in a way that makes you feel comfortable and confident with the end result. To schedule a consultation, contact us online or by phone today.

Key areas of expertise for SI (overall):

  • Analysis
    • Process flow charts
    • Story mapping
    • Roadmapping
    • Product backlog development
    • Wireframes and mockups
    • Rapid prototyping
  • Architecture
    • Lightning components
    • Design patterns in Apex; logic for:
      • Triggers and trigger handlers, domain classes
      • Controllers
      • Web services
      • API’s
      • Services and selectors
      • Batches and scheduled jobs
      • Configuration driven development for easy maintenance
    • Data Models
    • Security Architecture
    • Integrations architecture
    • UX development (custom and declarative)
    • Architecture audit
    • Performance engineering (data storage limits, processing optimization)
    • On and off platform data management
  • Build
    • Version Control System (VCS)/git workflow and CI drive development
      • Salesforce DX
      • Sandboxes
      • Professional Development Edition (PDE) orgs for Product Development
    • Declarative Development
    • Programming development (lightning, Apex, JavaScript, lightning web components)
    • Data conversions/migrations
    • Extract-Transform-Load (ETL) implementations
  • Product Development and Project Management
    • Agile transformation and implementation
    • Agile (Scrum, Kanban) delivery
  • Change Management (Business Readiness) Support
    • User Acceptance Testing (UAT) planning and execution
    • Change adoption plans, communications, and delivery
    • Training plans, content, and delivery

Sales Cloud ▼

At the core of Salesforce.com is its flagship product, Sales Cloud CRM, which enables you to connect to your customers in ways no other platform can deliver. Sales cloud excels in enabling your marketing lead qualification, sales lead qualification, sales process management, configuring price quotes, and forecasting your pipeline across your team, with a lens to where your sales and marketing efforts are generating the highest ROI, as well as visualizing where you can manage your cost of sales and marketing most effectively.

We’ve also worked deeply in joining your marketing automation solution to Salesforce, to automate lead nurturing, qualification, and activities to drive hotter leads to the bottom of your funnel. Marketing Cloud, Pardot, and others – we know how to tie these critical digital marketing tools into Salesforce to give you a complete view of digital interactions and engagement for anyone in your database.

The platform is ready for your ideas but is your partner? Partner with theCodery to bring all your data seamlessly into your CRM and unleash all the power of the platform. Our experts can quickly unlock all of Salesforce’s capabilities to automate, simplify, and scale how you connect with and sell to your customers. We can do it all, from Salesforce Einstein, to leveraging complex data integrations, to simple CRM setups on Salesforce Lightning, and beyond to complex Apex, Lightning, and related development needs theCodery is your best choice to stand up your CRM quickly and without a headache to unlock your next level of revenue growth!”

Service Cloud ▼

Congratulations, you’ve successfully marketed and sold your offering to your customer, now what? It is a well-known fact that it costs roughly 8 times more to acquire a customer than retaining one.

Partner with theCodery to turn your service delivery into a fierce competitive asset for your business. Salesforce Service Cloud is built to give you the tools to manage your customer’s service needs lightning fast. It is a powerful platform that routes customer inquiries from any channel – web, chat, phone, email – to your agents quickly to serve. Taking this to the next level, Service cloud also excels in your ability to provide high-quality service to your customers quickly and proactively.

Salesforce.com’s Service Cloud is the preeminent support toolset in the industry today. Standing up Service Cloud in a way that works for your business and budget is the challenge all businesses face. As experts in Service Cloud, theCodery knows well how to get you to manage your customer contracts, orders, entitlements, SLAs, questions, issues, and digital interactions quickly using the best out of the box and custom developed solutions. Get your agents up and running in the field and on their laptops with the best tools Salesforce has to offer.

theCodery provides the expert business analysis and design ideation to leverage the critical components of Service Cloud for your support processes, both internal and external. From chat bots exposed on your support website to standard case management and SLA enforcement. theCodery is ready to design and implement the support process your business needs to service your existing customer base.

Health Cloud ▼

Connecting payer, provider, clinical, and patient data together in a single solution is where Health Cloud excels far beyond other solutions. As a payer, as a provider, as a population health manager – you have many powerful tools at your fingertips to enable you to provide high touch, exceptional service to your patient population, as well as all the people in your community who play a keep role in delivering care to your patient base.

Connecting all these dots is extremely tricky. It’s no secret that health cloud is a large investment for your company. Partner with theCodery to get your health cloud instance up and running quickly, employing the best of what Health Cloud has to offer.

In Health Cloud, theCodery has deep experience helping clients to:

  • Implement Marketing Cloud to automate and track email messaging
  • Integration with EMR / EHR systems to place clinical data in Salesforce on patient records
  • Build out Sales Cloud and Service Cloud capabilities to support marketing, sales, and other business processes around payer, provider, and patient care in Health Cloud
  • Stand up full suite payer tracking needs for clients, plans, and all details therein for sales, enrollments, receivables, and more
  • Launch a robust, tailored patient care coordination workflow, complete with analytics, automated templates for care plans, and much more to drive high quality, high touch patient care experience across all members (internal and external) of your care team

Salesforce.com’s Health Cloud is the flagship of the cloud vertical offerings that Salesforce provides. theCodery resources have been a part of the Health Cloud journey since its inception. We were instrumental in the ideation and prototyping of the Health Cloud product, we have implemented it in 5 different health systems, and we have built 3 major ISV product integrations.

Community Cloud ▼

Your customers aren’t just asking for self-service, they are demanding it. If you’re not delivering high-quality customer self-service, you are at risk of losing valuable customers to competitors who do.

Salesforce communities are powerful portals for your customers to educate themselves on your products (and utilize these better), track their contracts, orders, and entitlements, see account payment history and standing, interact with service agents, log requests for support, interact with others using your products to share knowledge and provide feedback, and much, much more. Salesforce.com Community Cloud enables the exposure of your business systems to your customers and partners in straightforward but complex ways. theCodery carries the development and community expertise to stand up public facing sites and portals that enable your business to have that 360-degree connection to your customers.

Although there’s a lot you can do to click and configure a Salesforce community, the implementation work can be daunting and fraught with challenges without deep knowledge of the community cloud product. theCodery has been building and launching Salesforce communities all the back to when they were portals (before they became communities). We understand the pros and cons of community licenses, how to set up security to ensure your community users see and interact with only what they should, and how to harness the best of the out-of-the-box and custom developed lightning components to get your community fully branded, functional, and performing to your needs.

Beautiful, fully functional communities are within arms reach – our experts at theCodery can take you there from start to finish. Contact us to see how we can put into the play the best of Community cloud to enable your business to scale with your customers changing and evolving needs for self-service and digital interactions!

Data Integrations and Conversions / Migrations ▼

Rarely does your CRM or Support environments have the data you need to sell or service your customers. In today’s API driven world, the opportunities to pull in data from many, disparate sources inside Salesforce can look limitless. Using a fully integrated Salesforce solution ensures your agents have a complete picture of a given customer or opportunity quickly, so they can make the best-informed decision on how to delight your customers and prospects.

theCodery has the experience that you need to bring the data your business depends on into and out of Salesforce.com at the right time. Whether in real time through web services, synchronous data exchanges, or through batched processing jobs (within Salesforce, or with Extract-Transform-Load tools like Mulesoft, DBAmp, Informatica, Jitterbit, and man more), we’ve delivered it all. Single or bi directional flows, complex data strcutures, complex transformation logic, large data volumes – we’re not scared. We love taking on the challenges to enable your data needs.

We’ve also worked extensively in SQL Service, Amazon Redshift, and many other RESTful and SOAP based services. We understand custom integrations well, so we can solve your complex problems with best, correct patterns and platforms for a given scenario. Reach out to discuss your data integration needs!”

Custom Development ▼

As much as Salesforce can do out of the box, there’s exponentially more Salesforce can do for you with custom development. In any situation where you have users entering forms, needing a quick, easy way to go through data entry, and automating updates across your database, performing complex validation logic, and so much more – you need a tried, true, and proven partner to ensure you have the right design and build on Salesforce to harness its full capabilities.

However, it doesn’t start there – developing on Salesforce is one thing; ensuring what you develop functions within the stringent limitations on data storage, computer processing, and data manipulation is entirely another. Many implementations and custom development fail here when companies look to use a custom component at scale. It is very easy for most folks to write poor code that could fail both obviously and silently on the platform, the latter being much more dangerous as it could compromise critical data needed to support your business.

Custom development on Apex, Lightning, and Web Components is where theCodery excels. We know all the classes, limitations, strengths, and weaknesses in programmatic development on the entire force.com platform. We’ve broken the platform left and right, up and down. We know where Salesforce’s skeletons are – we’ve seen it all. We know how to design, code, and test for optimal performance, powerful user experience, and much more.

Take on the complexity, minimize your risk, and maximize your Salesforce capabilities with theCodery when it comes to custom development. Give us a call today to learn more about how we can help you build a fantastic solution for Salesforce.

Salesforce Einstein ▼

Data visualizations, high volume data analysis, predictive models, and more – Einstein is designed to take your analytics to the next level. Get to predicting your customer’s behavior, so you can sell more effectively and serve your customers more effectively.

Getting your solution up and running can be tricky. As with other Salesforce products, there are many places to start, pitfuls along the way, and untapped potential if not implemented properly. theCodery provides expertise in how the product functions, and we can get your results quickly to ensure your Einstein analytics toolset is implemented effectively in your Salesforce solution. Leverage our expertise in designing advanced AI and analytic offerings that can help your business answer those business-critical questions it needs to hit maximum growth and impact!